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Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Bird Murals

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

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Murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

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Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Bird Murals and Art

Blue Macaw ceiling (10 feet by 6 feet)

This is one of my favorite ceiling murals that is in a dining room in Naples, Florida.  The blue macaws are sitting on branches just outside a window where a table sits, laden with fruits, a very detailed tablecloth and a bowl of cherries spilled out onto the floor underneath. There are two very large vase/urns on each side of the table that are filled with blue figs highlighted with gold leafing. The rest of the painting is completed with highlights of gold, bronze and silver leafing also to accentuate the fruits which are grapes, peaches, apples and plums. This looks so spectacular just above an all granite 14 ft. long dining table. Wouldn't you just love to dine there?

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Bird Murals and Art

This bird art mural of a Great White Heron was done on canvas, in my studio, framed and placed as a ceiling mural.  This is painted,  using  gold,  metallic paint as the background along with gold and silver leafing.  I then chose stark whites for the feathers of the bird along with grey tones to finish off a very dramatic scene.  Great white herons make elegant subjects for any painting of birds.  This is one of the most beautiful bird murals I have ever painted.

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Multi-colored Macaw Majesty Bird Mural (5' x 4')

This painting was created for a couple out of Bonita Springs, Florida. They were in their late 70's and lived in the same, very large, beautiful, but all white condo for 20 years and were ready for a change. I worked with them to design this colorful version of a tropical scene with them and when I brought it to their house, set it up on the wall, in the all white dining room; it just changed the entire room! They love it and said, “What will our kids and grand kids think now!”

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Large White Egret Bird Mural (9' x 5')

Another lily pond scene that is 9 feet wide painted on canvas and ready for purchasing as is. The muted colors used in this makes it possible to match any décor. Simple, but elegant, this has great reflected light in the water of the pond with white and pink lilies blooming along with a subtle sunset.  The white egrets are painted with being able to see the feathers in great detail. Bird murals are so varied.  Tropical birds, wetland birds, White birds, grey birds, blue birds, red birds, storks, sand hill cranes, egrets, herons, pelicans, spoonbills, sandpipers, sea gulls, ospreys and eagles all look good in a painting or mural.  They add life to an otherwise empty looking sky or a placed in or by a body of water in a mural.  The mountains out west have great raptors all around that I have seen including the Grand Canyon where Condors are protected.  Their wingspan is almost 7 feet wide and I was fortunate enough to watch a young park ranger tracking one that was tagged with a sensor, as it flew overhead on the west side of the Canyon.  Pennsylvania has a bald eagle park I have been to, where they return each year and the skies are full of them and a site to see.  Cap Foley from Indiana, my now deceased father in law, fed birds daily and they used to come and land on his shoulders and hands while he would place more birdseed in their feeders in the winter.  My mom has written a children’s book about the Muscovy ducks we see each day here in Florida, giving them character names and wonderful personalities who tell life lessons to children.   Bird’s rock!

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise bird murals are different.  This panel shows birds I painted in my own dining room at home, that are real and actually from Papua New Guinea, an island located just north of Australia in the Southwest Pacific.  The funny bird to the left has two feathers that go straight out from his head and it is called the king of Saxony bird of paradise, then there is a scissor tailed one and the king bird of paradise, who is the little red guy to the right of this panel.  I have found that painting these magnificently detailed birds of paradise murals in my own home has sparked a learning experience  for my granddaughters and all that enter my dining room.  Here you can see Ellie and Emmie,  posing by one.

Bird murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Birds of Paradise

This bird of paradise mural is the third one in my dining room.  It has the famous blue bird of paradise in the top right hand corner of the bird painting.  In the left hand corner is the Wilsons bird of paradise, a hummingbird and then the bottom right is the red bird of paradise.  Most older folks are familiar with the term ‘may the blue bird of paradise fly up your nose’, from a song by little Jimmy Dickens in 1965.  It has now developed into the version of ‘may the blue bird of happiness fly up your nose’ heralding t-shirt sales and other paraphernalia, but making reference to the North American Blue Bird instead which is quite different.

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