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Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Italian Murals

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

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Murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

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Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Italian Murals and Art

Washing Clothes at the River Italian art Mural (10' x 5')

This mural is in a laundry room. My client, Mary, found my website and asked if I could please help her to enjoy washing her clothes for she did not like her laundry area. I came in, she talked to me about what she wanted and I painted this design that is so spectacular, she wishes to this day I would of completed it in her living room instead! The metallic paints used for the pots, just glow in that room and pick up the reflected light from the rest of the house. She now leaves her laundry room door open!

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Venice in September Italian Art Mural (42" x 30")

I have been to Italy a couple times now and I must say that Venice was one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. I was so impressed with the stillness of some of the back canals and reflections, I just had to come home and paint this. One of the hardest paintings I have ever done to this date. The perspective of the buildings and realistic qualities of the water were not easy things to achieve. Never the less, it turned out very well. I gave this one to charity and it was auctioned off at a black tie event in Naples I attended. A great time was had by all and I even purchased a week in Florence Italy, for charity at the event,  to stay with three other women at a villa,  in a family owned vineyard,  in the height of wine festival season!  Now, that, was a great time eating cheeses I have never tasted before, fresh ripened figs and of course the wine, Oh!

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Italian Art Mural Water Scene (12' x 8')

This scene was painted of the Cinque Terre region in Italy.  I was almost finished with this one when James Monahan, one of the head chefs of the Hyatt in Bonita springs came in and said, "I know where that is, it is Cinque Terre in Italy and I have been there." I just looked at him and said that is the best compliment I could have had for he recognized the place I was painting. Anyway, if you look real close, you will see my clients little plane flying in the sky over the area. They asked me if I thought their plane here in Florida would look silly placed in the mural and I said of course not for you can have whatever you want. It looks great in that sky! Sits above their master bathroom tub.  The white wood trim is painted around the mural, not actually trim, but when you look at it, you would swear it was real.

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Italian Art Mural Painting in a Kitchen  (18’ x 3’)

This is spectacular above the kitchen cabinets.  It fills an otherwise void area.  This makes for an interesting conversation piece instead of placing many different little items and stacking them above.  To have an Italian mural instead in that space, makes the kitchen seem bigger and a place you would want to entertain your guests in for sure.  The subject matter of an Italian scene, totally makes it work here for what better country to eat in than Italy!

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Seaside Vineyards in an Italian Art Mural (6' x 5')

This beautiful Italian scene on a wall in a kitchen, sits above their buffet to 'open' up the room. It is a scene of grape vines on the flats of the mountains with an ocean off to the side and two little girls running around the vineyard. There are some realistic grapes sitting on the windowsill with a green glass antique olive oil bottle to the side. Another cluster of grapes are placed above the window seeming to hang from a nail San has painted on the wall to give additional interest.

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

San Gimignano Italy

My daughter Mindy and I went on a trip to Italy a few years back to the Tuscan region just outside of Florence.  Seeing all the different churches, we were fascinated with the old brickwork in all the buildings and the streets.  When we were in Rome, I got to go to the Vatican, coliseum and ancient roads that had stones so large on the roads there, that I tripped and fell, but a handsome young Italian man rescued me, put me back on my feet and we were on our way.  In Florence, we saw the statue of David, had a great time in the local open air markets and ate like queens.  Italy is definitely one of my favorite countries.

Italian murals in Naples and Bonita Springs

Panzano Italy Grapes and Pisa with the Leaning Tower

The trip we all made to the Tuscany, wine region was one we will all remember.  We stayed at a Vinery in a two floored suite of an old family farm house where they make the wine right there.  The front door was 1.5 feet thick with a little fireplace, kitchen area and an upstairs loft bedroom and full bath.  There was no phones, television or radio and we loved it that way.  The ride we took out and back to the farm was memorable to say the least with the large ruts from farm equipment we had to drive through in a very little Italian car and scraped bottom all the way down that lane.  We were surprised we did not bottom out in the process.  These grapes were growing in the fields just a few feet from our drive.

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