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Born in Northwest Indiana

Lives and works in Southwest Florida

San has been a professional artist since1996, working in acrylic and oil paints. Starting out in paintings on canvas, she soon realized that murals on walls and ceilings were so enjoyable, that this medium was added to her repertoire.

Working both in residential and commercial venues, San has been an added asset to her community and has created some of the most memorable pieces of artwork out there.  Her residential works include painting smaller art niches, to large ceilings and expansive walls, evoking a sense of a different place each time you are in a room viewing her art creations.

     Learning different techniques has been crucial for her skills.  Each time a customer asks her if she can do something, her answer is almost always, Yes!  Being a people person, San has asked many of her clients if they want to watch the process of a painting on-site.  She is known to say, "Pull up a chair, so you can see what I do and we can chat."  It is most important to her to involve the client as much as possible.  San never shies away from the input and loves the comradeship.  

     San started working in sculpture in 2010 when she was asked to create a 9/11 memorial sculpture out of a concrete section from the World Trade Center in NYC.  Once this memorial was complete, she received as payment the entire collection of 8-ton pieces that were saved for an artist's touch.  These 17 large sections of the concrete slurry wall that once surrounded the Twin Tower area are being made by San into historical art sculptures called Project 911UP.  

you can see that at:

     As San always says, "My quest is to make people happy. My clients have made me a better artist by stretching my imagination to create a different work of art than the last one, in style, application, and new subject matter."

BELOW, you will see one of Sans' first pieces of artwork  It was painted when she was 5 years old.  Notice sunshine in one hand and snow in the other.  San wants you to know she now has sunshine in both hands for living in Florida!  Her hair is still golden, her eyelashes long, and smiling is one of her greatest joys.




1996 - present          Professional Artist


Please note that San creates murals and paintings on canvas as a full-time artist.  Below, is a list of her larger works but keep in mind San feels all works evoke the same feeling within her as a sense of wonderment and joy


2004 - 05   11 ceiling murals in a 10,000 sf home in Naples, Florida


2008 - 09 ​ Hindu Temple of SWFL 1600 sf ceiling mural of various Deities finished in 23K gold and silver leaf with thousands of real inlaid pearls & jewels.


2010 - 11  A 300 sf sea life painting in the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda, FL

2011 -  A 7 ton, 10 year Anniversary 9/11 Memorial placed in Bethlehem, PA named VICTORII REBUILD

2013 - An 8 ton, 9/11 Memorial placed at Fort Douglas Military Museum in Salt Lake City, UT named THE UTAH FALLEN WARRIOR MEMORIAL

2014 - A 200 lb. 9/11 Memorial was placed at Oregon State University named  THE SOCRATIC WAY

2015 - A 200 lb. 9/11 Memorial was placed on the Stephen SillerTunnel to Towers mobile 9/11 museum driving around the United States called TRIAD.

2016 - 17  San Created 12, elaborate ceiling murals in a 30,000 sf home in Naples, Florida in 1.5 years.  The paintings were mostly painted on canvas in her studio and installed later on the ceilings.  This is Sans' most elaborate work to date, comparable to the Hindu Temple she painted in 2008 - 09.

2019 - A 400 lb. 9/11 Memorial Sculpture was created for Winthrop Harbor, Illinois and set in place early 2021, named GOLD STAR 11.

2021 - ** An 8-ton, 9/11 Memorial was placed at the IMAG History Museum in Fort Myers, Florida next to the front entrance named HEALING SCIENCE.

**An 8-ton, 9/11 Memorial sculpture was placed in Key West,  Florida at the Key West Firehouse Museum named RESCUE 11.

**A, 9/11 Memorial sculpture was placed underwater on the deck of the USNS Vandenberg ship that was sunk in 2009 as an artificial reef.  This Memorial sculpture installation is named BLUE FREEDOM.  It marks the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and is the first underwater 9/11 memorial in the world !!  San was there on September 11, 2021, along with recreational and professional Navy Seal divers and a military flyover for the dedication ceremony.

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